reaktor42 - a personal platform


Over the last couple of years I started a range of projects. Mostly to fulfil a specific need, but sometimes just for fun and educational purposes. The used languages vary from C, Python over Haskell to the common web languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


  • lala - a slick yet powerful MPD web client
  • snps - a C library to solve 15-puzzle games
  • thetime - a date and time drawing X11 application
  • qinfo - a fast and lean GTK+ based ASCII art viewer
  • mysmartctl - controller and terminal for the mySmartUSB device
  • hakismet - a Haskell library to use the anti-spam service Akismet
  • python-mpd-twisted - an MPD client library written in pure Python utilizing Twisted


Expect something huge … ;)


I still maintain a few sites which I also programmed. Most of them are related to the event management company of my little sister Lisa.